Welcome to Dark Domains

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Writing Inspiration


If you’re a new visitor, I’d like you welcome you to Dark Domains, the realms of fantasy and fiction that I have spent the last five years creating.  It hasn’t been easy, but with plenty of discipline and lots of sleepless nights where I’ve been driven to write to get away from plenty of real life problems, four books have been born. The Ameca J series, a fantasy trilogy based on my daughters and definately not childrens’ books, and Boundary Limit, my first foray into action/sci fi/horror. Boundary Limit may not be a single novel, but could easily become a trilogy, but that all depends on YOU…

The same applies to the Ameca J Series… evil is incessant, and there’s always more to fight…

  1. John Wallman says:

    Sounds dark and sinister…like my stuff. Looking forward to seeing more at this sight in the future.

  2. Karen Collins says:

    I love all the books I HAVE READ SO FAR!!! I am eager to read Boundary limit. keep writing!!!

  3. Heather Lindsell says:

    Well I have just read all the Ameca J books. They are really worth the read! You lose yourself in them as soon as you read the first chapter of the first book. If these dont end up in print world wide, then someone, somewhere should be ashamed of themselves!

    These books are not only entertaining, they are also a very vauable source on family life foe adults and young people alike.

    For those people, young and old. If you enjoyed ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord of the RIngs’, Twilight series, then get reading!

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