Ameca J And The Legacy Of Menindus

Where it all begins…

Ameca screamed with rage as the creature charged, and as she did, she felt something surge through her. Without warning a stream of flame left her through the hockey stick, straight at the enraged beast…

Ameca and her sister Fraya are transported to the dark and sinister world of Mythrania, where they discover a titanic power struggle between Good an Evil, a struggle they soon become caught up in as they are forced to fight for the future of the Universe itself…

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  1. Ameca J The Legacy is an amazing tale! I could feel Ameca’s confidence in herself grow as she matured through her trials and she fought the evil powers with her Dad and Faya. This struggle of good and evil is fought in a land full of absolutely incredible creatures which brought to mind Tolkein, however that is where the similarity ends because Jones is so fabulous in his imagery and storytelling that he left me looking in my closet for Werethalls which, I can assure you after reading this book, would be frighteningly scary! An author that can keep me so completely lost in the world of their book that I don’t even notice the world around me is truly gifted… that author is Paul Jones. I am completely absorbed in the Ameca J series now and I’m about to dive into the sequel Ameca J and The Revenge of Rex-Ultar! My hope is that he never stops writing!

  2. Katy says:

    I have just reviewed this book on Goodreads and Shelfari, and the review is also on my blog here:

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