Ameca J And The Revenge Of Rex-Ultar

Ameca and Fraya are devastated by the death of their father. But this is Mythrania, and death may not be a final obstacle.

The girls must return to their own world to recover an aretfact that has the power to restore the dead.

But not all is as they left it. Their mother is missing, and so are they according  to the headines in the papers. The police are looking for them, and so are the agents of the Scelestus, which has its own desires for the artefact.

And who is the mysterious Rex-Ultar, and what does he want with the girls?

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  1. Burton says:

    Is this the one I read??
    Where’s the one I read??

    • paulxjones says:

      Sorry Burton, I can’t remember which one you read. If it was Boundary Limit, then you can take a look at it on the website by selecting it from the main menu. If it was any of the others, then they can also be selected from the main menu.

  2. Just finished Ameca J The Legacy of the Menindus! Can’t wait to devour this one too! OMG! soooo good!

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