Boundary Limit

The first book in the Blake Trubble series

Blake Trubble is a man with an obsession. Personal tragedy and a troubled past have moulded him into an emotionless killing machine, with one aim in life – the ruthless and relentless pursuit and destruction of all extremists and terrorists.

And he lives to only one personal motto:

‘Nil Captivum,’ or quite literally, ‘No Prisoners.’

With his job as a Major in a crack SAS team dedicated to hostage extraction, he has numerous opportunities to fulfil his motto.

But there’s one man Blake wants more than any other. One at the top of his personal list; Mahmoud Sabak, the Western governments’ most secretly wanted terrorist leader, the so called ‘missing link’ between the Taliban and Al Qaeda. A man with a burning ambition to win the Jihad and wreak death and havoc among the infidels.

A man Blake wants to exact vengeance on.

With maximum prejudice.

When Sabak seizes the multi billion Euro Large Hadron Collider at Batavia, on the French border with Switzerland, Blake gets his chance at revenge upon the man who robbed him of his happiness and humanity. Taking his elite SAS team and a group of French Special Forces, Blake must rescue the four hundred scientists and staff being held hostage from Sabak’s deadly grip and preserve the facility undamaged.

But both Blake and Sabak haven’t counted on the power of the Collider, and the effect of recreating the “Big Bang” – the moment the Universe itself came into being, and the titanic forces that can be released in the search for the elusive ‘God Particle.’

Humanity must face the consequences when the Collider pushes at the boundary of this reality, breaching its limits and opening a door to another…

And when doors are opened, then things can come through…

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  1. Heather Lindsell says:

    Well, this is a book and a half. Wonderful elements of intrigue,and suspense all the way through.
    This is a real ‘out of this world’ thriller. Very enjoyable and readable. Definatly a book you just can’t put down until it is finished. Then leaves you with a thirst for more.

    The author, has reasearched this very well, but he has also put his magic touch to it, by leading you into the unkown and unexpected world of sci fi.

    Well worth the read for men and women alike. This book needs to be on the shelves of all leading book shops and promoted to all.

    Well done Paul

  2. Gavin Herbert says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I found it worked well as a “Call of Duty-esque” action novel even before we get introduced to the creatures. Once they turn up, it’s does make you feel like you are jumping into the next mission with the team and a whole new adventure. The first chapter alone was cruel. Cruel but very effective!

    I found the whole book never dipped in pace, maintaining high levels of octane but still managing to come to logical “stop” points ready for the next read.

    Wholly looking forward to the next instalment!

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