Ameca J And The Demon God Of Mythrania

Ameca and Fraya have done the impossible. They have cheated death and brought their father back from its black embrace. With their mother also rescued, surely now it is time to return to their own world?

But on Mythrania, things are never that simple.

The Scelestus has found a new source of power, one of the Heirs of Menindus, and is already putting into place a plan that will help it enslave the population and dominate the world… and then the Universe.

When the girls’ father is accused of murder and dissappears, Ameca and Fraya must help their allies defeat the Scelestus and its armies before it is too late.

But there’s one complication – Ameca must make a life changing decision, one that she never dreamed she would have to make in her young life, and if she chooses incorrectly, then all will be lost and the Universe will be doomed…

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