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The idea for the Ameca J Chronicles came to me while I was in Crete in 2008. I had already written one book, An Agent For Change, and my oldest daughter, the Ameca, complained that I wouldn’t let her read it. Not surprising, as although it was not explicit, there were adult themes I didn’t really want her exposed to at thirteen years old. So the Ameca J chronicles were born, and when we returned to the UK, I set about writing book 1, Ameca J And The Legacy Of Menindus. I penned the prologue.

Conceptually, I wanted a mythical world, which still held magic, which could only be accessed by people who had any hair colour other than black. So Mythrania was born, land of myth and shadows, where Elfen folk still lived, as did Dragons. I had to develop a suitable adversary on this world, one that would prove a challenge as Ameca and her sister made their way into the story.

I wanted a powerful message for the two girls in this book, around the power of the family unit. Ameca and Fraya have 5 years between them, something I as a parent conditioned me to believe they would argue less. Boy, I got that so wrong. Anyway, the concept was set; Ameca and Fraya were isolated in this world, which was full of danger, and Ameca was forced to take the lead and protect her sister.

As they both loved dogs, I introduced “Tilly” the bichon frise, based on their pet. Of course, this being a magical setting, the dog could speak. And the dog had a dry, sarcastic sense of humour that could irritate Ameca no end.

So the story is set. The girls arrive on Mythrania, without knowing where they were or how they got there.

Alone, with no advice from an adult, and no mobile phone signal, Ameca reasons they would need water shortly, and so on Tilly’s advice leads the trio into a forest where the dog has smelled water.

The forest is massive, and the girls discover they can hear the voices of birds translated into English in their own heads. Fraya is delighted, as her character always has a sunny disposition and will find wonder wherever she looks, but Ameca is a teenager, bristling with massive suspicion and resentment at the sudden responsibility thrust upon her to look after her sister.

After spending some time in the forest, they discover the water at a stream, where something nebulous comes alive and “speaks” to Ameca. The nebulous form exudes terror and Ameca becomes scared, but covers up her fright when Fraya becomes alarmed. She couldn’t give away the fact she was scared. She was the big sister.

And so began the melding of the girls’ relationship, born out of necessity to survive and return to their world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy, and they would find they needed each other more and more as they faced the many perils of Mythrania.

And they would have to do it across three books….


Welcome to Dark Domains

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Writing Inspiration


If you’re a new visitor, I’d like you welcome you to Dark Domains, the realms of fantasy and fiction that I have spent the last five years creating.  It hasn’t been easy, but with plenty of discipline and lots of sleepless nights where I’ve been driven to write to get away from plenty of real life problems, four books have been born. The Ameca J series, a fantasy trilogy based on my daughters and definately not childrens’ books, and Boundary Limit, my first foray into action/sci fi/horror. Boundary Limit may not be a single novel, but could easily become a trilogy, but that all depends on YOU…

The same applies to the Ameca J Series… evil is incessant, and there’s always more to fight…